lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory;

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“A male author can write about unlikable male characters. They’re called anti-heroes and it’s called a novel.”

Gillian Flynn on people calling her writing misogynistic in Glamour magazine, the October 2014 issue. The level of sass and taking no shit from both her and Rosamund Pike-who Flynn interviews in this article-is strong and gives me life. (via samishoward)


Gone Girl (2014) dir. David Fincher

Love is the world’s inifinite mutability; lies, hatred, murder even, are all knit up in it; it is the inevitable blossoming of its opposites, a magnificent rose smelling faintly of blood. - Tony Kushner, The Illusion

“…my husband and I do kind of the same job. A little bit. Not long ago we both had one of those magical days, we call it a junket, where we both attended these lovely events where people come in every four minutes, they ask the same questions over and over again — you know the drill. We got home at night and compared notes," she continued. "I told him, ‘Every single person who interviewed me, and I mean every single one — and this is true of the red carpet here tonight Elle — asked me, ‘How do you balance work and family?’ And, he said the only thing anyone asked him repeatedly was about the tits on the "Blurred Lines" girl — which, just for the record, if we’re talking about them, they are real and they are fabulous, so everyone should take a look and enjoy — but as for a work-life balance, he said that no one asked him about it that day, as a matter of fact, no one had ever asked him about it. Not once. And we do share the same family. Isn’t it kind of time to change that conversation?”

Jennifer Garner at Elle’s Women in Hollywood Celebration (via somuchsass)

“It took Ron Weasley around three volumes to evolve from screaming that Lupin shouldn’t touch him to thanking Lupin for bandaging his wound. You’re not tied to repeating the prejudice from your childhood.”

When a librarian comforts an undergraduate who is being exposed to new ideas (via whenalibrarian)

“Nobody sobbed harder than Iain.”

Clark Gregg, on when the cast found out Ward was HYDRA [x]. (via lizznotliz)


“Those previous versions of herself were so distant now that remembering them was almost like remembering other people, acquaintances, young women whom she’d known a long time ago, and she felt such compassion for them. ‘I regret nothing,’ she told her reflection in the ladies’ room mirror, and believed it.”
—Emily St. John Mandel, Station Eleven



Yooooooo someone buy me this [x]

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Holy shit, this is my new favorite thing.

“Good God, we’re in a lot of trouble if people think that Amy represents every woman. Feminism is not that fragile, I hope. What Amy does is to weaponize female stereotypes. She embodies them to get what she wants and then she detonates them. Men do bad things in films all the time and they’re called anti-heroes. Amy may not be admirable, but neither are the men on ‘The Sopranos.’”

Gillian Flynn (via balphesian)





Bryan Stevenson on The Daily Show.

tl;dr our country pretends that it doesn’t have a huge problem when it comes to acknowledging it’s horrors and its systematic racism

Plantations here are basically fun themepark rides that show all the “good” of slavery. Imagine the Holocaust museum spun into a fun ride about pulling Germany out of economic depression. That’s the US handling of its history.

"Slavery didn’t end, it evolved."